A Residential Program- That Works!

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24/7 House

"24/7 Recovery Center" ( The facility is awaiting a name, from a sponsor) is a Unique recovery model.

The Project is Currently Awaiting Donors & Sponsors 
We need to Raise Funds & Gather Donated Items!
We already have a waiting list of clients wanting admission, so, the need is urgent!

We are rather stringent in our admission requirements. We Only accept clients who are ready to work with us to begin a New Life...Free from Addiction!

This is a Working "House" Program, and Recovery center. Clients understand this, when interviewed, it is work at: Employment- that We Provide, Community Service (To/For Others) but Most importantly It is RECOVERY-CENTERED! -This is an important distinction from other programs, we understand, that without Recovery, no life exists for the newly recovering Addict/Alcoholic...No Job, No Health, No Family! First things First is always the Rule@!

It is also why, You will ONLY work Hours and Jobs we direct you to work. Employment & Training is provided, You need not worry about getting hired, or applying for jobs, Stage 1 Clients in Our Program Do NOT work for Outside employers. We approve the employment or provide it directly. If Your primary concern is your career or employment, There are plenty of other facilities and programs who might like to have you, given that, all They are interested in is Collecting rent from you.
​If you knew what you were doing, get back to doing it.. We Know what we are doing, and did not ask, nor desire your suggestions for Our work. We do hope you are successful, wherever you might go... and Know this:
You can, in fact, make it, without us, and you can always contact us for support, even if you are not a client of ours.

This is OUR program, if we see yours work for close to 30 years, we will be interested in your opinion, until then we are not!

All of this Talk of work, and being told,  "what to do", and "what Not to do", sounds rough and hard. It may very well be hard, and often seem unfair or dull! Trust though,  This does not mean, Recovery is boring or nothing but difficult work, it is anything but Boring! It is Renewed Energy, and Passion for All that Life, Free From Addiction has to offer! That is: Every Good thing you could possibly imagine!

We do however realize that  dealing with Alcoholism & Addiction is a  Life or Death matter, and not a social convenience!!  It is a complete lifestyle change, not a "Gym Membership", or a "New Year's Resolution" this change is required for Lasting Permanent Recovery!
Many other facilities and programs miss this vital factor. It is why "their" Failure Rates (Relapse Rates) are as high as 100% Relapse!! Okay for statistics, But this Life or death!
We Offer 100% Recovery- Success!

So, "the Model/Program" We use, may seem strict or harsh, at the onset, but after they have "recovered"  it will make perfect sense. Many past clients Thank us for being "tough" on them.

We do have a Basic Structure and Ground-Rules, and Here they are: (Outline)

Structure – Halfway & 3/4 houses need guidelines and rules so that everyone living in the community agrees to certain expectations as a condition for continued participation. Those are simple:

  • bans on alcohol or drugs
  • bans on overnight guests
  • cleaning standards
  • evening curfews
  • shared responsibilities
  • wake up times

***Where The Recovery Company and This Center" is a bit different, (as you will find in your Client Handbook/Guide). We added a few, to those Basic Rules/Guidelines:

ALL clients must participate, Fully, in the  "Program"  and ALL activities scheduled!

*** You may believe, that getting a job, or keeping "it", is your priority.  You are, however, mistaken!

We do care, and spend a great deal of time, focused on your job/career. It is important but, "it" is also not your focus/priority, at least not for the term of your "stay" with us!
The managers, your recovery team, and, the other "House" (residents) set some chores, and activities, these are always a Priority!

While you are considering, Why you would subject yourself, to, apparently "Rigid Rules & Regulations/Guidelines".

We might, as well, bring this to your attention and Help you answer that question:

We do Not believe in "Cellular Obsession" (staring into your phone frequently, or for hours) and frequent contact via cell- phone with others in your life! There are scheduled times, for contacts, and your Sober "manager", and Recovery Team, will help you set a reasonable schedule. However, you can plan on giving up your beloved phone! 

*** If this is a personal problem for you, please do NOT waste our time, or yours! Do NOT apply for acceptance into Our Program!
More on this subject is presented, upon your "Intake Interview" with us, and in Your Client Agreement/Handbook.

If you are considering ANY House/Facility/Program, here are some very Basic Functions, that we provide.
You need to ask any such program, what "They" provide?
Consult with your current Treatment Professional and ask them, about All Programs/Facilities, and which they recommend?

***Quick note on this, about us: We are more rigid than others, and involved in your Recovery.
We report to your: Treatment Professional, Day Report, Probation Officer, Supervised Release Staff, Etc. .
We will even testify in court, on your behalf (If you are working Our Program) and Our reputation with such Professionals is unimpeachable, and trusted.
If you choose to apply to us, or another house/Facility/Program, that is wholly your affair, and decision, but use this guide, to help you choose one that will help to Ensure your Recovery!

***Remember, this is a "Life or death" proposition, and you must consider!

​All Houses and Programs should provide, at the very least, the following:

  • Safety – Any half way or 3/4 way house needs to be safe. Housing capacity should not exceed local jurisdiction law, nor Our Recovery Model. Neighborhood safety should not worry you. The facility should be up to standards. Physical threats from other residents should Not be an issue, it will Never be tolerated!  Be sure that the" house" that you are considering feels and seems safe before entering into a contractual agreement! The is much more on this subject in Your Client' Rights & Responsibilities! Which you will receive, prior to your entry/acceptance to OUR Program!

  • Drug testing – Halfway houses need to identify drug users from people in recovery, they should actively use drug and alcohol testing to protect its sober client community. If the halfway house that you have chosen does not implement regular drug tests, or random drug tests, or drug tests when residents leave the facility overnight…keep looking.

           We do test, however, and often, as the need may be. Managers have drug/alcohol testing devices, and also are trained to            "examine" a client's condition. If they have any doubt, you should review your "Intake/Acceptance Contract, and/or file               a Grievance with House Management. Our Goal, however, is to maintain Safety for ALL residents, if we find a reason                 to take action, to protect the house/clients, we act on it, and Fast!

  • Support staff – Sometimes, half way houses are operated by people who mean well, but who don’t quite know what they’re doing, We DO!  You should always Opt for a halfway house/program that has Experienced full time manager(s) to handle day-to-day business, and to keep the community accountable. If you find a halfway house/facility that is run by an owner(s) who lives out of town…look for another or ask a local treatment center for a referral to halfway houses/programs with a good reputation. You want an experienced, active, and helpful staff that can implement the structure and safety that you need.
    ​Our Trusted Helpline Help is Available 24/7 PRIVACY GUARANTEED...You can always speak with the " Owners" directly!

  •  Personal accountability – The best halfway houses, and programs look to support you in your recovery by requiring  certain actions. These actions are not only healthy for you, but they are required in real life. Look for a halfway  house/program that requires the following actions and keeps the community accountable to them:

  1.  Attendance at daily 12 step meetings
  2.  Attendance at ALL halfway house/program meetings & activities
  3.  Part time work (at least) If you are disabled, do not think you are exempt-We have plenty of  "work", that you can do,  and will do, if you want to remain in Our Program/Center!
  4.  Volunteer work (if you’re retired)
  5.  Working with an experienced team to assist you in integrating your life with your NEW Priority: Recovery! We  insist on this, and it is a part of your "Client Contract"
     ***We go a few steps further than " others" out there:  We NEVER "work the steps" with you, nor get involved in your  personal and "Anonymous" attendance at " Meetings", and/or working the steps. This does not mean, that we are fools  either,  we vet ALL Sober/Clean Members, and rides to meetings. We, at Brewer also believe, steps are NOT, your  priority. We even doubt , your ability, to actually fully " work" any of them, during your first year of recovery!

            *24/7 House Program/Center is not allied or in any way affiliated with the various 12 Step Programs (they,themselves, should tell you this), however, one of our core beliefs, is that you be active in One of The Fellowships, and we work towards your integration into " the Recovering Community!" This is a Major Part what we actually do!

           Do you feel ready to make the commitment to your Life, Family and Recovery? Then click below, and get your                             Application for an Interview submitted right NOW!!!  ***Space and Client participation is limited. An application does              NOT mean you will be Accepted into This Program!     APPLY NOW