Our Philosophy

That No Addict/Alcoholic die needlessly because, of a flawed treatment recovery paradigm. All deserve the Truth, and We Deliver!

​We accept nothing less than 100% Recovery, a ZERO Failure rate. This can only be accomplished by demonstrating success. 
If one were to look at the recidivism of  today's Treatment Protocol, it is Truly  Abysmal:  Experts estimate that only 1 of 50 Recover!!!
It is Only going to get worse. New Grant money is attracting new tests and models, and the opportunistic. Sadly, this will only serve to use humans as " Lab Rats. We stick with what has produced results.

​While that Failure rate is a guarantee that funding and new models will be continue, it also assures that current treatment will have plenty of Repeat Client/Customers!!! They have to have those funds- We do Not!

The Recovery Company wants "to go out of business", by providing Permanent Recovery to Each Client!
They use "soft-talk, "12 step based" Rhetoric, and hopeful anticipation of the "Next" approved model, you will not have to wait long. Suboxone, Subutex.....and Coming soon: "the Next Great Drug to Treat Addiction!!!"
It is nauseating. They have no issue in killing off some drunks and drug addicts to keep the funding flowing. Who would really worry or care, if a few more died? Addicts/Alcoholics are quite a nuisance to society!

We CARE! This is Truly, the ONLY motivation we had in starting The Recovery Company. We did not want a business, we already had plenty of them, as well as income and opportunity! We could not sit on the sidelines any longer.

We will state quite clearly: That almost no client, starting Our Program, will like us very much! Most will resent, our rigid guidelines, and loss of  personal individual liberty, but, after time, and recovery many will Thank Us, and even Join us in Our Work, and We Welcome Them!
​Again, This is a Life or Death Mission and Not a Time for playing around.

About The Recovery Company

Who We Are

We make a Pretty Bold Claim: "100% Success in Addiction & Alcoholism Recovery!"
While others will try to market or invent a new approach to treating Alcoholism & Addiction, We have Lived it!
Each of us has Decades of Recovery- The Founders Clean & Sober since 5/27/1990!

More importantly,  We have all been employed professionally in various aspects of  Professional, Spiritual Recovery Employment, Social Work, Medicine, Psychiatry, and Religion!

We came together, and started " The Recovery Company" because, We just grew plain sick and tired of seeing too many Addicts and Alcoholics Relapse & Die Needlessly!

We Offer a Solution, which, if followed, will eliminate " The Chance Factor" in Recovery! Our Unique Program Model, and "inpatient/living"  facility will assure No Recidivism, No Relapse, Recovery and Freedom, sought by those who are Addicts/Alcoholics!

We are available for Consulting, with: Federal, State, and Local Agencies,  and Spiritual/Religious Efforts established to help combat the growing Addiction/Alcoholism Epidemic, facing our nation NOW!

If you are a Professional, working in the Recovery Industry, We would Love to hear from you! We would gladly, collaborate,  cooperate and consult, network, and build relations.

If you, or a loved one, is suffering from Addiction/Alcoholism, There is  a solution available; Please Contact us NOW!
​You are assured an understanding and caring advisor, with Strict Confidentiality! - Use the "Contact us" Now Form, or simply hit the Red Button(s), On the page screens, to send us a message, and get a response immediately!

If you are currently in an Inpatient Treatment Program, and getting near completion/release (Nervous about your " Next Move") or Long-Term Recovery Options, consider:  Use the "Contact Us Now" Form and Include your "scheduled release date" in your message**

Your Recovery Guaranteed!